Backstory: Edit

Joel Leon Morris had a very inspirational father. He informed Joel which a bunch of fascinating stories. His father was a strong, independent man. His dad gave him confidence, after being in the military and away from home a lot. His mother was deceased when she was diagnosed with cancer. Everything went to Hell as she passed away. Joel had moved to Philadelphia, PA, to pursue his job as a police officer at the Philadelphia Police Department: Division Center. Edward Taylor was the first person to talk and be friends with. He was Joel's "right hand man". He led Joel to meet other officers named, Leonard Eastman and Theodore Lamar. They cracked jokes, drank, worked, and created special bonds with each-other. Joel then gets married to a beautiful lady named, Caroline Bennett, which was later called, Caroline MORRIS. They then had an announcement for their first kid. Joel lights up at the thought of being a dad. After being 9 months, Caroline gives birth to Cody Martin Morris. Named after Joel's father. After about 3 years, Joel and Caroline expect a second kid to be on the way. Joel does anything to help at this moment. But he gets stumped by his work at the police department. By 3 fugitives that were wanted for about... 2 years. After the birth of Gabriela Hazel Morris, Joel makes time to spend more time with his family and do his work at the same time.

Season 1: Edit

Joel wakes up a day later, finding himself injured in a hospital bed. Laying in the next divan, is his police partner Theodore Lamar. His skin decaying from the air and an infection happening to every dead walking creature on the planet. Sight of pale white eyes scar and flash Joel with fear and shock. Him screeching for help, as explosions detonate in the deadly city. Fire spreading, people suffering death right in front of him.

A doctor named Brian Handler, discovers the dead patient in full effect. He gets strangled by him. Joel pushes the walker out of the way, and through the window, shattering glass and blood splatters. Brian later aims his pistol towards his skull. Joel persuades Brian to lower the pistol, adding in that he just assisted on killing Theodore. Brian slightly lowers the pistol, ordering them to get out, quickly. While a massacre is in full action, they sneak out, and into a police car. Walkers pound on the car, surrounding them. Joel takes a risk and saves them from the car. Guns blazin' through the streets.

As Brian gets eaten and devoured by the dead, a girl named Brianna Mason helps Joel survive from the walker ambush. He distrusts her, raising his voice on her. She seems awfully chill in the apocalypse. He soon finds out a little bit about her. Him fascinated on the many traits they have in common. He starts to grow on her a little bit. He finds her trustworthy, since she volunteers to take the night shift. As morning arises, water is placed in front of him. Brianna gives him rest of the day to catch his breath before encountering other survivors that she spotted last night, her giving him an M4. He manages to get up and leave. Them slaughtering walkers, until spotting a shadow of some sort watching them named, Brynden Woodgard.

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